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Kirt Coury in San Clemente - San Clemente Self Defense

Kirt Coury

Master Kirt has trained in martial arts for over twenty years.áFor the past eighteen years, he has trained in the style of MMA San Soo in which he holds the rank/degree of Master.

Before starting his own school in San Clemente, Master Kirt managed and operated San Soo studio for Master Dave Hopkins in Jurupa, California. Under the instruction of Master Dave, a world renown instructor, Master Kirt has mastered many disciplines and is now able to pursue his long-term dream of owning his own school.

MMA San Soo is a practical/realisticáself defenseástyle which emphasizes the effective use of body dynamics and common sense.ááSan Soo trains the mind and body to generate maximum power while instantly adapting to any situation.ááMMA San Soo implements punches, kicks, ground fighting, leverages, throws and takedowns to compliment an all around style of self defense.

Master Kirt's desire is not only train students to fight and defend themselves, but to also build strong character and confidence.ááEvery week, he continues to train with Master Dave, as well as several other masters and black belts so he can bring advance techniques and curriculums to you.

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